Skiver Carriage Manufacturers and Suppliers

The skiver consists of a one-piece conveying table with a conveyor belt and a cutting assembly arranged on top.

The cutter belt of approx. 4000 mm length consists of a rubber belt, the upper side is supported by a slide plate. A static contact roll prevents the strips from slipping while advancing. The strips are positioned over a cutter bar at the position where the cut is carried out. At the belt conveyor inlet a roller basket with omni-directional rolls and adjustable centering rolls is installed.

Description Skiver 650 Skiver 900
Line width mm 650 900
Max. Tread length approx. mm 2300 4000
Min. Tread length approx. mm 1500 2000
Knife diameter mm 500 500
Tread thickness mm 30 30
Cutting angle to extrusion line  90° 70°-90°
Cutting angle to tread  20°-40°  20°-40°
Mechanical length tolerance mm  ± 0,5  ± 0,5
Number of cuts per minute 26  18