Carcass Servicer Manufacturers and Suppliers

This process transforms a flat stainless steel strip into a fully interlocked section. The input strip package is placed on an external payoff which feeds via rollers into the main storage reels. The strip payoff section is the main magazine portion of the machine that stores and feeds the metal strip to the roll forming head. A series of forming rolls, mounted to the faceplate, progressively change the cross sectional shape. A set of winding rolls turn around the mandrel and interlocks this section into a helical pipe.

The strip armouring or carcass layer provides resistance from hydrostatic collapse, corrosion and erosion. It is also used as an impact or scuff resistant outer layer.

Specifications for Carcass  Servicer :-

  • Product I.D. Range :-  2” – 16-5/8” (50 mm to 420mm)

  • Maximum Passage Size :- 450 mm

  • Strip Size (Width & Thickness) :- 28mm x 0.65mm to 72mm x 2.0mm

  • Pancake/Pad weight :-  2,000 Kg

  • Max. Head Rotational speed :-  80 rpm (load dependent)

  • Max. Line Speed :-  0.64 mpm (2.1 fpm)

  • Strip material :-  Austenitic Stainless Steel , Type 304 and 316 and Duplex Stainless Steel