Bias Cutter Manufacturers and Suppliers

Product Description :-

  • Conveyer powered is available for change pole one (standard) and servo motor (optional). The accuracy of cutting width of bias can be ±1.0 mm and ±0.5 mm tolerance respectively.

  • Cutting mover can be set up one way or two way (reverse) cutting.

  • German type design, Liner Coiler Installation, for quick replacement at the axle center.

  • Bias Cutter, with electronic control system, is capable of setting cutting width and cutting quantities.

  • Special anti-stick belt conveyor is imported from Holland.

  • Functional design, applying cutting mover of rod less air cylinder, promotes faster cutting speed and makes easier maintain.

  • Cutting angle can be adjustable by gear motor.

  • Auto-alarm informing functions while bias reel is soon run out.

  • Bias Cutter with convenient and simple design, Two-Sides Bottom Control, is easy operation for workers.

  • Bias Cutter can be applying one bias reel (standard) or 2 ones (optional).

Product Specifications :-

Model & Specification SC-BCS-HT-1A
Suitable Tire Type BC、MC、SC、IC、AG、ATV、PC、LT、TB
Max. Bias Width Max. 1600 mm
(Max. 63″)
Max. Bias Reel Diameter Max.Ø1200 mm
Conveying Belt Width 1625 mm
Bias Cutting Angle Range 35o ~ 90o ( Adjusted By 1/2 HP × 4P × 1/20 Gear Reducer Motor )
Conveyer Bed Width 1800 mm
Bias Cutting Width Range 50 mm ~ 2000 mm
( Adjusted By Digital Type Length Controller )
Max. Speed of Conveyer Max. 50 m / Per Minute
( 1968″/ Per Minute)
Bias Reel Installing Type Spindle Raid Installing Mechanism
(Made In Germany)
Bias and Cloth Reel Spindle Square Type □ 32mm Spindle
Bias and Cloth Reel Power 3 HP × 4P Induction Motor
Conveyer Power 1.5 KW × 4P Induction Motor
( Change Poles 0.5 KW × 12P )
Bias Cutting Rail Way Linear Guide Rail Way ( Length 3000 mm )
H Type Steel Beam Structure ( Length 3800 mm )
Bias Cutting Driver Rodless Air Cylinder Ø32 mm × 3000 mm
(Made In Germany)
Air Pressure Supply Source 4 ~ 8 kgf/cm2 ( Equips with Air Storage Tank )
Power Supply Source AC 220/380V × 50/60Hz × 3Ø
Machine Overall Dimensions 10500Length mm × 3400Width mm × 2700Height mm